To:  =  3daysnooze.
Subject: Fwd: Mars Atmospheric Development Strategy
From: Elon Musk -

Hey Elon,

We've got some of those plans ready for the Mars atmosphere development project. It turns out the whole melt the ice caps on mars with nukes plan isn't going to work out. The residual radiation will make it difficult to consume the water going forward.

The team has been hard at work on our second plan and we think you're going to very happy. It turns out the answer to our solution is lazers, and a lot of them. We should be able to use the Mars-Internet satelite constellation to literally zap the water into vapour, crazy I know. It just so happens that the frequencies capiable of delvering Wi-Fi, if tuned together globally can generate a resonant frequency for the ice caps. This should get us the results witout all of that bothersome radiation.

Let me know when you are free to hop on a call to discuss this further.

Kind Regards,

Jeff Bezos
Cheif Mars Architect
SpaceX-Amazon Colony